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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Mary Murphy and I write and illustrate children's books. I live in Dublin, Ireland, with my two dogs, Honey and Alfie.

I have always loved reading, and writing, and drawing. So it wasn't surprising that, way back in 1996, I sent some ideas to publishers in the U.K., and asked them if they would like to make one of my ideas into a book. I was delighted when they said yes!

Article ImageMy first book, ‘I Like it When…’ was published by Egmont Books in 1997. Since then I have written and illustrated about 45 books, with about seven different publishers. Most of my books are for babies and toddlers. My most recent books are 'What I Like Most', published by Walker Books UK in  2019, and 'Only a Tree Knows How to be a Tree', published by Otter Barry Books.

I bet what you really want, though, is to see my dogs. Here they are, on  Portmarnock beach in Dublin. Article Image

Let me tell you, they're not always such good friends as they look in this photo. They are just always happy when they are on the beach. Which do you think is Honey? Which is Alfie?