art illustration for sale exhibition .

I loved exhibiting work in 2019 in 'Towers and Tales' festival, and 'Babaró'

dog milo seasons.

SUMMER! Time to laze around with a book. (From 'Here Comes Spring')

preschool books of animals colour noise.

ROAR! How very very VERY nice to meet you. (From 'Crocopotamus')

library join membership.

Aren't libraries BRILLIANT? You can borrow books for free, and the librarian LOVES helping you find the ones you want. If you're not a member, join up, it'll be fantastic!

kindness day .

Kindness Day is on February 17th in some places, November 13th in others, and June 10th somewhere else. I bet you're kind every day, though!

goodnight book with animals .

Shhh…. goodnight, sleep tight little one…. the third 'like this' book was published in 2015

mix and match animal jungle.

A silly book for smart kids - make your own crazy animals!