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Some Things Change

Some changes are exciting. Some are surprising. And some changes can even be a little bit scary. But some things, like a mother's love, never change at all.
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Mary Murphy once again has created an endearing and reassuring book that captures the complex simplicity of childhood. Children will be drawn to the bright, bold illustrations and to the similarities they see between themselves and penguin.

"What's black and white and likely to be read all over? This cheery paper-over-board addition to Murphy's canon of penguin books for toddlers. Young children will appreciate the verisimilitude and comforting notes that Murphy hits just right." (Publishers Weekly)

Murphy's trio of convivial penguins returns, this time to demystify the nature of change for young readers... Straightforward and accessible for the youngest reader, Murphy's tale offers children a comforting exploration of a challenging and oftentimes unsettling concept. (Kirkus)