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What I Like Most

A little girl tells us about all her favourite things, from her light-up shoes, to hot, steamy chips, to her red pencil. But the girl knows that, even as her feet grow, her plate empties, and her pencil shortens, there's something she'll always love ... and that is what she likes the very, very most.
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Why do I love this book so much? Is it the simple yet lyrical text by Irish writer Murphy? Is it the exquisite watercolour illustrations by Chinese artist Zhu Cheng-Liang, both delicate and strong? Or is it the seamless blend of both, leaving space for the reader to bring their own interpretation to the story? A young girl talks about her favourite things - looking out the window, apricot jam - things that keep changing. But her mother is always constant, the girl's most favourite thing of all. A gentle, profound book about love - don't miss it! (Irish Independent)

Murphy... sensitively broaches the prospect of ephemerality while assuring children that, for now, their pleasures are theirs to enjoy (Publishers Weekly)

An intimate ode to the unwavering love a child has for their mother... this tender, lyrical story is brought exquisitely to life by Zhu Cheng-Liang (Parent Talk)

Mary Murphy excels at writing... books which have a hug at their heart, and it's wonderful to see a Chinese mum and daughter portrayed, too. (Book Trust)

The chorus perfectly evokes the circular nature of the child’s imagination, while Zhu Cheng-Liang’s striking, romantic paintings are full of amusing detail. (Irish Times)